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MIX08 Speakers

Yoshihiro saitoYoshihiro Saito
Senior Experience Designer (VP)

Yoshihiro Saito founded 2ndFACTORY when he was a university student. Now he is the executive vice-president as a Senior Experience Designer.
He realized the importance of user experience from being as a Flash engineer and Web director. Then he started his business with experience design team to provide experience design consulting. Now he is focusing on products or services to realize the ideas.
“The tools” from his working provide comfortable life and better communication environment to people. Main case examples are: JAL domestic flights booking Flash version, touch panel ordering system for restaurant industry, etc.

Ken AzumaKen Azuma
Senior Experience Architect

Ken Azuma has dedicated the last seven years of his work life to Rich Internet Application development project. He is working to unite the designer and developer areas of RIA development.
After years of considering how developers and designers can work together to deliver a high quality product, Ken's perspective on RIA development has widened from that of a programmer to that of an architect. Ken inspires talented people from across the Japanese developer and designer communities with his vision of RIAs and the possibilities they offer. His enthusiasm for Rich Internet Application and his work in the community will result in more bridges being built between the designer and developer worlds and more inspirational RIAs when the talents of these two groups are brought together.

Tetsuya "TED" KitamuraTetsuya "TED" Kitamura
Sales & Produce team manager

Previously he worked for a major promotion company as a director and couple of web agencies. After that he joined 2ndFACTORY to provide business chances to the world.
Now he contributes to global business with his communication skill and language ability. “No border in user-friendly UX” is his belief. A stage director for the theatrical performance is also his one of the aspects in weekend.

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