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Releasing an Adobe AIR Sample Application

Metabo Camp / Metabo Dev NightAvailable to download the application files and the source code on this page. Technologies: AIR Flex ColdFusion


2ndFACTORY CO., LTD. developed a sample application with AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), formerly code-named Apollo, which is the code name for a cross-operating system runtime being developed by Adobe that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills to build and deploy desktop Rich Internet Applications.

It is still rare that applications developed with AIR are opened up on its code level. Based on this situation, we have decided to develop and go public "Metabo Camp" and "Metabo Dev Night" to consider and verify the possibility of AIR and for the presentation at Adobe AIR Developers Night held on July 10, 2007.

"Metabo Camp" is applying typical function of AIR such as accessing to local files, mashing up the existing services and so on. "Metabo Dev Night" is added function of presentation PDF files that work with ColdFusion 8.

2ndFACTORY is expecting that "Metabo Camp" and "Metabo Dev Night" becomes some help that a lot of developers meet the new technology and the Rich Application market would be activated.

On October 10, added the new version of Metabo Camp 1.0 Beta and Metabo Dev Night 1.2 Beta available to run on AIR Beta 2.
On September 27, the new version of Metabo Camp (1.0 Beta) and Metabo Dev Night 1.2 Beta has been released.

For more information of AIR development, please contact us at any time.

Adobe Labs - Downloads: Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

Metabo Camp 1.0 Beta

Metabo Camp screenshots

Metabo Camp is an application for some help for developers getting a little hard to get in shape.

Metabo Camp get your exercise data from iPod nano, sort them daily and post your workout, weight and action list to twitter.

Functions newly added on version 1.0: available to

Metabo Dev Night 1.2 Beta

Metabo Dev Night screenshot

Metabo Dev Night is based on Metabo Camp 1.0 Beta and added function of presentation PDF files that work with ColdFusion 8. Metabo Dev Night was presented at the session, Adobe AIR Developers Night held on July 10, 2007.

User Guide

Before use, check the iPod nano setting "Enable disk use" active and accessible with iTunes or on the PC.

  1. Connect an iPod nano which has the data of Nike Sport Kit and then start Metabo Camp or Metabo Dev Night.
  2. Select unit of weight and distance.
  3. Input twitter account, when posting Nike + iPod workout data to twitter. For the Metabo Dev Night, please input something in case you do not have twitter account. the User Name use for PDF.
  4. When starting Metabo Dev Night, input ColdFusion server address to display PDF.
  5. Confirm that settings are correct and click OK Button.
  6. Then displays list of your daily workout data.
  7. Selecting the list, displays workout result of the latest day.
  8. Input weight, click the action list, update the score and click OK button.
  9. Click "Total" to twitter total workout of Nike Sport Kit, click "Daily" to twitter one of the latest day.
  10. Clicking "PDF" button on Metabo Dev Night, displays workout result on a PDF document.

Metabo Camp and Metabo Dev Night are developed for the purpose of early release. Please regard that any troubles happened along with the use of Metabo Camp or Metabo Dev Night are by the self-responsibility. (2ndFACTORY can hardly assume all the responsibilities of actions caused by installing or running them.)

Systems and account required


Metabo Camp (for Adobe AIR Beta 2) Download

Metabo Camp (for Adobe AIR Beta 1) Download

Metabo Dev Night (for Adobe AIR Beta 2) Download

Metabo Dev Night (for Adobe AIR Beta 1) Download

Dummy Data Download

Even if you do not have Nike + iPod Sport Kit, it is available to use Metabo Camp with the dummy data.

Source Code Setting of Metabo Dev Night

Setting Source Code of ColdFusion 8

Download "metabodev" folder, install it on the proper position (ex.: cfusion\cfusion-ear\cfusion\war) and specify its path. Rewrite the path of <cfcontent> in totalpdf.cfm and dailypdf.cfm to the position where "metabodev" is installed.

[ex.] totalpdf.cfm:
<cfcontent file="C:\JRun4\servers\cfusion\cfusion-ear\cfusion-war\metabodev\prize123.pdf" type="application/pdf; charset=UTF-8">

[ex.] dailypdf.cfm:
<cfcontent file="C:\JRun4\servers\cfusion\cfusion-ear\cfusion-war\metabodev\prizeday123.pdf" type="application/pdf; charset=UTF-8">

ColdFusion Setting of Metabo Dev Night

Metabo Dev Night needs to specify the address of "metabodev" to work with ColdFusion 8.

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