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How far we can do?Web site development with free tools (Aug. 2007~Apr. 2008)
(Takefumi Araya)
  • 1 Round: Web site development by Aptana
  • 2 Round: Web site development with Ajax / AIR / iPhone by Aptana
  • 3 Round: Web site development by Web browser with low performance PC
  • 4 Round: Firebug and Aptana - front-runners JavaScript development tool
  • 5 Round: CSSEZ- online development and sharing the web design
  • 6 Round: Web site development with text editor
  • 7 Round: What is CMS? You can develop web site even you don’t know HTML
Microsoft Expression Blend 2 Product review
(Daisuke Watanabe / Kentaro Ochiai)
Web Designing
Interaction Design
(Masato Arima)
The latest technique collection of FLASH and ActionScript
(Eiji Saito)
Internet creative spreading with RIA History of RIA and Now + Technology description
(Takefumi Araya / Takanori Shibuya)
Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Creative Award
Column: Internet creative spreading with RIA
(Takefumi Araya / Takanori Shibuya)
web creators (Jun. 2008)
Get a lead by Getting diverse technique of expression! FlashManiacs
(Takefumi Araya)
MIX08 - The Next Web Now – Event report
(Masatoshi Saegusa / Tae Nakayama / Takahito Sugishita)
MIX 08 report "Reported by Web developer; REALITY of IE8 and Silverlight 2"
(Masatoshi Saegusa / Tae Nakayama / Takahito Sugishita)
This article is MIX08 report from Las Vegas.Fresh information about IE8 and Silverlight 2, Microsoft announced to release Beta 1 at the event. This report was written by 2FC developers’ and designers’ point of view to Japanese market with new technology information.
NIKKEI PC online (Mar. 13, 2008)
MIX 08 report "Reported by Web developer; REALITY of IE8 and Silverlight 2"
(Masatoshi Saegusa / Tae Nakayama / Takahito Sugishita)
Web creators (Mar 2008)
Techniques of professional web developer. Make your work "comfortable".
(Takefumi Araya)
Blend Book - The Alchemy of Experience Design for Application (Oct. 2, 2007)
image of Blend BookThe first book on Expression Blend in Japanese has been written by 2FC. "Blend Book" is not only about technologies, but also about the importance of Experience Design and how it can be achieved with great management of the development team model and project life cycle workflow.The book is based on our own, real and extensive real-world experience.
Released on Oct 2, 2007 from SHOEISHA.
The sample data download here.
Expression Blend Tutorial Book (Aug. 2007)
image of Expression Blend Tutorial Book 2FC built the "Flower Viewer" reference sample that is the basis of this tutorial book.
It focuses on the development 3D animated User Interfaces. It uses rendered 3D modeling data and event handlers, making rich content easy to learn, following step by step process.
[Flower Viewer]
NIKKEI CLICK (Feb. 2007)
image of the article on NIKKEI CLICKThis article is for "NIKKEI CLICK" magazine. It Introduces WPF with next generation SNS. It is based on application that 2FC developed as Demo for REMIX TOKYO 2006.
It compares Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) with Adobe Flash, and demonstrates how both may be used to develop Rich Internet Application (RIA). In addition to this it details how a next generation application may be successfully and cost-effectively built by demonstration, how designers and developers can work together effectively through the storyboarding, concepts, work flow and development stage.
image of the article on NIKKEI SOFTWARE"NIKKEI SOFTWARE" magazine interviewed Mr. Saito and Mr. Azuma, discussing the future, WPF and Flash in Vista.
It can be summarized with a user focus: it depends on what the user needs to do, and what the application is for. The most different factor is the designers' idea, and giving them a technology that enables it.
The report of MIX07 in Las Vegas.
image of The report of MIX07 in Las VegasThe report of MIX07 in Las Vegas.Nine people from 2FC attended, researching and reporting on newest information that is relevant to Japan
MdN series of lecture on WPF (Aug. 2007 - Feb. 2008)
image of MdN series of lecture on WPFThis details the development of applications with Expression Blend weekly series aimed at beginners.
image of NIKKEI BPWith the rapid evolution of the web, we have to think about end-user Experience, and how this can be effectively delivered.In this article, we discuss the merits of Silverlight as a platform, and Expression and Visual Studio tools.
DB Magazine
image of the article on DB MagazineProviding good Experience is the core concept of what "RIA" means. There is a lot of technology for RIA and clarify the each features (WPF, Silverlight, Adobe AIR, Java FX), also each development environment.
Web Designing
image of the article on Web SesigningThis article is introduction of Silverlight.It is easy to understand for the reader as a first step.Architecture, XAML, development environment, the difference of 1.0 and 2.0, designer/developer workflow and so on.

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