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Broadcasting of sports commentary Broadcasting of sports commentary
It is a Demo sample based on Silverlight 1.0 for "bjtv" (=basketball japan TV) broadcasting every game of Professional Basketball Japan League (=BJ League).
Technology: Silverlight
JALUser Interface usability
JAL domestic flights booking Flash version
This UI provides the better experience for the first time user, concierge-led method for booking the flight by the Internet.
Technology: Flash
Next generation concept UINext generation concept UI
We developed the better user interface using WPF. This is an introduction of animal life with the pictures and videos. The user can see the animals’ habitat, ecology, and physical features in the natural world.
Technology: WPF
JRAExperience for Gambling
・Betting system - Horse racing in Japan (JRA)
・Betting system - Boat racing in Japan (Kyotei)
This is Flash technology interface that the user can bet on the races by the Internet.
Technology: Flash
Embedded software applications for touch panelEmbedded software applications for touch panel
This touch screen device is an ordering system used by the restaurant industry. 2nd Factory designed and implemented the user interface using Flash running on an embedded system.The customers take order by touching menu panel by customer-self. This application has been adopted mainly in Japanese style restaurants.We examined hardware specifications, tried to optimize the interface and program.
Technology: Flash
OpenMeisterEnterprise.NET WPFOpenMeisterEnterprise.NET WPF
- NEC System Technologies, Ltd. -
The end of support of Visual Basic 6.0, this WPF version is renovated based on existing system. The sales point of this renovation is; the back ground system remains nothing changed so that it could minimize the impact for development, but it could maximize its usability than existing system. Reusing the existing back ground system, we did only renovate UI by WPF. This is success case study for every back ground with .NET.
Product page of NEC System Technologies, Ltd.
Technology: WPF
Next Generation searching experience Concept Model Next Generation searching experience Concept Model
- Yahoo Japan Corporation -
Yahoo Japan Corporation has decided to broaden their services with Silverligh. Yahoo Japan and we analyzed together search service that core of Yahoo business, as concept model for picturing the future service evolution through the Experience Design. This Concept Model was developed with Silverlight 2 technology, and new features of Silverlight 2 are included.
Microsoft CREATOR’S EX Gallery
Technology: Silverlight
Next Generation Movie Trailers Concept Model Next Generation Movie Trailers Concept Model
- Yahoo Japan Corporation -
This concept model was developed as picturing the future service evolution for Yahoo Japan. This rich movie player is based on Silverlight 1.0 technology.
Technology: Silverlight
A great deal of movies is updated every day at GyaO web site. This application allow user to see effectively updated information across the categories. We composed application structure taking advantage of Silverlight feature, and transferred the skills to the customer so that they could develop other applications based on this structure.
Technology: Silverlight Ajax
Travel Application form by PIP Travel Application form by PIP
- WhiteBearFamily -
This is for WhiteBearFamily’s PIP application form which company provides variety of tour from planning to sales on the web. PIP type of operation like KIOSK, following the navigator’s instructions can be achieved better UX. We improved the process of complicative travel planning application, and that made to lift conversion rate, gain of sales. This application based on Adobe FLEX.
Technology: Flex
Jellyfish Deep Zoom Jellyfish Deep Zoom
- 2ndFACTORY CO., Ltd. -
Jellyfish is a common framework useful for most of web agencies to achieve more spreading situation of unique Silverlight Deep Zoom application. This project has been open at CODEPLEX with help from Microsoft.
Jellyfish allow you to sort, search and pinpoint appropriate image object in Deep Zoom canvas. Those things are hard to deal with only Silverlight Deep Zoom feature, it needs complicated relative axis calculation in Deep Zoom canvas. Every agency could use Jellyfish as open source project and develop own new Deep Zoom project much easier.
Technology: Silverlight

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