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Session / Lecture

Year 2008

Akamai Edge Computing Developer Conference (Nov. 12, 2008)
Ken Azuma
Title: Infinity Zoom Service
Microsoft Future Technology Days TOKYO (Now. 6, 2008)
Yoshihiro Saito / Ken Azuma
Keynote: User Experience bringing changes to application / Strategic technology adoption to solve business challenge
MIX essentials. "Silverlight day" (Oct. 10. 2008)
Ken Azuma
Forefront Rich Client seminar (Sep. 30, 2008)
Ken Azuma
Title: "Design to achieve your goals" Technology selection to deliver best experience to your customer
Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers Software Quality Management study group (Jun. 6, 2008)
Yoshihiro Saito / Tatsuki Ogawa
Introduction of 2FC’s XD workflow
RIA seminar (May. 28, 2008)
Yoshihiro Saito / Eiji Saito
Title: Flex showcases with Adobe FlexiBizBlock / AIR application
Japan Strategic Architect Forum (Apr. 9 - 10, 2008)
Ken Azuma
Title: Engaging the deliberation of User Experience and System development
Web Designing Live! Workshop Silverlight, Action Program (Apr. 5, 2008)
Ken Azuma / Takahito Sugishita
Linked project with running story of Silverlight in Web Designing magazine. 3 days’ workshops of Silverlight 2, and competition at the end of the program.
NEC C&C System Users Association Business table Session (Mar. 19, 2008)
Takefumi Araya
JStream Online seminar (Mar. 18, 2008)
Ken Azuma
Title: The latest move and future vision of web communication – The possibility of new technology now and future; MS "Silverlight" and Adobe "AIR"
Ken Azuma
Panel: Making it Simple: Designer/Developer Workflow
Talking about 2FC workflow.
Ken Azuma, Tetsuya Kitamura
Session: Internationalizing XAML Applications in Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight
Yoshihiro Saito
Panel: Touch Me: Where Are Interfaces Going?
Talking about real business of 2FC have built application and its challenge.
CSS Nite
Takefumi Araya
Shift 2(2008-2009)(Dec. 13, 2008)
CSS Nite in Sinjyuku(Oct. 3, 2008)
Web on the Beach in Zaimokuza, Kamakura (Jul. 20, 2008)
CSS Nite in Shinjuku (May 18, 2008)
CSS Nite in FUKUI (Mar. 8, 2008)
CSS Nite in SENDAI (Jan. 12, 2008)
Developers Summit 2008 (Feb. 13, 2008)
Ken Azuma
Designer / Developer workflow for developer audience.

Year 2007

CSS Nite
CSS Nite in AKITA (Nov. 24, 2007)
Takefumi Araya "How to use Expression Web, Silverlight in the situation of Web standard".
Microsoft Remix07 Tokyo SESSION (Sep. 19, 2007)
■Providing good balance Experience
Session:Ken Azuma
■Efficient building web site with Expression Web
Session:Takefumi Araya
garage■Making garage
2FC Booth■2FC Booth
Microsoft Designer's Day Vol.2 (Sep 5, 2007)
The Days of Web Standards 2007 (Jul. 16, 2007)
Takefumi Araya "How to write the program fast and correctly using Expression Web".
Movie : Microsoft [Power to the Pro] (Feb. 2007)
Movie : Microsoft [Power to the Pro]Software, the bearers of generation.
Constructing Human Centered Design UI, cutting edge of system development using WPF.
See Movie here
26th MdN web creators/Web STRATEGY conference (Feb. 27, 2007)
Conference theme: Web Design of Vista Generation
Talking about what User Experience is, and how 2FC think about WPF, explaining XAML concept and merit for designer, developer and director on work flow.

Year 2006

Microsoft REMIX06 Tokyo (Oct. 26, 2006)
Ken Azuma on REMIX06◆Key Note - Ken Azuma
Demo of Next generation SNS with 3D, movie contents.
◆Open Stage - Ryoji Ihara
Development Environments of WPF
Microsoft Tech・Ed 2006 Yokohama TECHNICAL SESSION (Aug. 29, 2006)
◆Ken Azuma
How to choose the right technology to provide experiences that achieve business goal
◆Takahito Sugishita (with Kazuhiko Kondo)
Setting up and administrating .NET Framework and .NET Applications, precautions and lessons learned.
Creator's Table Vol.4 (Apr. 28, 2006)

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