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Releasing Blend Book

blendbook2nd FACTORY Co., Ltd. released title of "Blend Book", the Japanese first book of Microsoft Expression Blend, on October 2, 2007.
In the Blend Book, you will know about not only technologies but also the importance of Experience Design, development team model and workflow. It is based on our own real experience through many projects and the way of development.
The Blend Book should be a Must-Read for developers, designers, project managers, project leaders and clients.


I : Advantage of Expression Blend
Chapter 1
Technology: Blend and WPF

It lecture the surrounding facts of Blend, such as WPF, .Net Framework and showcases from around the world.
Chapter 2
Experience Design: The importance of providing good experience through the application.

Thinking about why differentiation is needed from business viewpoint. And it tells about software also need good experience.2FC has own workflow of making Experience Design and Development.
Chapter 3
Team: The role and tools

It explain the better team model that providing good experience.
II: Application development using Blend
Chapter 4
Introduction: Development environment

・Expression Blend
・Visual Studio
・.NET Framework 3.0
・Windows SDK
・Visual Studio 2005 Extensions
Chapter 5
Basis: First step of Blend

Explanation of how to use Blend following step by step process.It use sample application to understand the basic WPF function.
Chapter 6
Hands-on: WPF application with Web service.

It is a lesson to make a rich web application. You will know better about Expression Blend and how easy the web application development is.
Chapter 7
Advance: 3D/ Media

It explain 3D modeling, sound and video which is important part of rich application in simple way. Once you learn this chapter, you will know the potential of WPF.

Now On Sale

jacket of Blend BookHow to build RIA with Expression Blend :
The Alchemy of Experience Design for Application
Blend Book
Released on: October 2, 2007
Price: 2,310 JPY (tax included)
Writer: 2ndFACTORY Co., Ltd.
Publisher: SHOEISHA.Co.,Ltd.
Available to buy on Amazon Japan

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