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Formerly known by web agency and now we call ourselves "Hybrid Integrator".We develop the software applications with the idea of the importance of user interface design. This is utmost advantage and our core business of "Experience Design".

Experience Design

Experience Design is based on "considering user's feelings" in the presentation tier. 2ndFactory aims to offer a well-balanced experience, and the technique of the Experience Design has been implemented as a result of this.

It is very common for the development process to over focus on the System region, at the cost of the presentation. In this scenario the functionality can be over designed and the presentation and UX suffers as a result, providing an unbalanced experience (Left figure).

experience image

Not Good - unbalanced experience

Good - balanced experience

Scope of Service

2ndFACTORY’s has very wide range of services. It ranges anywhere UI is. For example Software for PC, cell-phone, digital appliance for consumer, embedded UI like car navigation, POS register, ticket vender, dedicated terminal for convenience-store, etc. Our experience of UI design and development can apply everywhere.

We bring OMOTENASHI for every user, for every UI.

For every UI image

Hybrid Integrator

"Hybrid Integrator" means to consider several things from universal perspectives, and integrate for creating "value of experience".
We are not just a consulting firm, a design agency, nor a system integrator.
2ndFACTORY seek to be unexplored "Hybrid Integrator".

Microsoft Global Partner

2ndFACTORY is certified as "Microsoft Global Partner" UX agency.
Only a very small number of companies are selected by Microsoft Corp. and we are only one from Asia Pacific region, our activity based on close alliance with Microsoft.

Commitment of Quality

5 Points of Quality Standard

2ndFACTORY’s service quality is not only required as software development company should keep, but also we have well-balanced various point of evaluation.

We train employees to deliver our service keeping quality standard, 5 points of in–house evaluation that manage quality. Our policy is "To be professional for next generation, we need not only sophisticated technique, but also hospitality mind." We believes this make people happier.

Keeping only "quality of system" is not enough.

We need care about many things other than "quality of system".

"Quality of system" is just one of the key.

1. Be Functional
The design of our products always ensures smooth and solid operation. We consider reliable operation to be of the utmost importance. Security, extensibility and maintainability are inherent in this.
2. Be Emotional
Customers expect an emotional impact, with feelings such as "Amusing", "Interesting", and "Exciting" as a measure of quality. This is hard to quantify from a systematic viewpoint. Providing an engaging operation, and presentation, producing a refreshing and intuitive approach to the project are core to 2FC.
3. Be Timely
Quality service requires reliable delivery according to expected timelines. Interesting features of a product are worthless if they cannot be delivered in a timely manner. The balance of timing and functionality is important.
4. Be communicative
5. Be Safety

Human Centered Design

We design by human behavior only.

User Interface with dynamic animation is everywhere, by using client technology such as Flash or Silverlight. But, with a firm commitment to design look and feel, sometimes it could be a stressful user interface.

2ndFACTORY regards "expressive power of RIA technology" as technique for improvement of usability, and we have developed user interface taking this advantage of. Now, it is not only Flash or Silverlight, but also we choice various technology to achieve most appropriate user interface.

As usual, in every project, there are many aspects from many stakeholders like developers, designers, clients, administrators, etc. We have to select right technology with considering by all of aspect, it is not only by developer’s point of view. We do care every aspect of project.

To deliver best experience to customers, with concept of "Human Centered Design" we design objectively for users, not only for service provider. For this, we usually involve customers in the project team to achieve to accomplish common goal.

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